A New Beginning Of A Processor……

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Today I am going to share a very easy up-cycled mixed media project. For this I have picked a burnt computer mother board. Well when you have a geeky husband, you are never in short supply of these ;-).

The pile of discarded boards, or “very valuable resources” as my hubby calls it, was really hurting the eyes. So, I decided to sneak out a few of them from their misery of gathering dust and give them a new life. They may never again do what they were supposed to do anymore but, once I am done with them, they indeed will have a different purpose in life.I hope I made a few processors happy ;).

So, I started by applying gesso all over the board and let it dry. Then a layer of black acrylic as a base color. The red,golden,green and brown are the primary choice of colors. Kept applying the colors till I was happy with the look. Once dry, applied a coat of acrylic silk color to bring out a metallic look. Took some glass beads and mixed it with texture paste and green acrylic color applied in few corners of the board… I did this to give a mossy texture on the board. Next was time for some embellishment, for that have used steampunk wheels which were colored  with golden and bronze. Once stuck using glue…Wow!!! I really loved the final look. Though not intentional, but the top view has got a feel of Game of Throne intro scene.

Here you can see few pics of the final look of the project.




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4 thoughts on “A New Beginning Of A Processor……

  1. Your project is awesome..I love everything about it..
    I have several pieces of board that my son took from a radio and other electrical devices..seeing your project has reminded me I still have them..now I must find them and put them to good use, lol…
    Thank you so much for joining us at Rhedd’s Creative Spirit…x

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